Good customer service. Jessica was amazing and always taking care of us. We delivered earlier than appt time and my driver was super happy because of it. I will definitely work with you again

Patricia Sarmiento

D2 always takes care of my drivers, they are a lot easier to work with, quicker, and a lot more friendly compared to the other brokers out there selling similar freight. Great attitude is key!

Harrison "Kxstukas" Green

Great loads and awesome service, just call them with a lot of energy and be nice and you will receive that right back! These people writing bad reviews on them had to give them attitude, I could never see anyone from their office being rude. They're hard working people trying to do their jobs like the backbone of our economy, our drivers!

Jose Sanchez

I have a great experience with this guys. They are so kind and nice, and I really hope that we will work together in the future! Thank you

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